2018 Multi-Cultural Celebration

Save the date for the 11th Annual St. Albert Multi-Cultural Celebration.

Sunday, October 21, 2018
11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Celebration Mass at 10:00 a.m.

St. Albert the Great parish is Austin’s most diverse faith community.  Our young parish embraces families from over 53 nationalities and ethnicities.  Together we have created a faith community that is warm, caring and welcoming to all – and loves to have fun!

This year marks our 11th anniversary of our Multi-Cultural celebration and we expect record attendance.  The theme for this year’s festival is “One Faith. Many Cultures.”.  The Multi-Cultural festival will feature cultural exhibits, family friendly games and activities for all ages, live entertainment, and of course a variety of ethnic foods.

We invite you to celebrate our “One. Faith. Many Cultures.” with us and help support this event through the donation of your time, talents or treasure.  Please check out the links below and help us make this year’s festival the best ever!


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The Multi-Cultural Executive Committee

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Tasty treats from across Africa

Taste of Africa 2017

The continent of Africa is vast and diverse and so is its cuisine. Africa is the second largest landmass on Earth and home to hundreds of different cultures and ethnic groups each with its own traditional foods and ingredients.

There are over a dozen African nations represented at St. Albert.  At the Taste of Africa Gala, you will be able to sample some of the favorite dishes of our parishioners as we celebrate the conclusion of our Spring car raffle.  Here is a sneak peek to the Gala’s menu.



Nigerian Chin Chin
Sweet wheat chips


Ivory Coast Alloco
Sweet fried plantain

Nigerian Moi Moi
Blackeye peas muffins

Cameroon Koki
White corn and spinach tamale

Tanzania Sautéed Potatoes
Herb sautéed white potatoes

Rwanda Sauté Legumes
Fresh sautéed cabbage and spinach with
white onions and Roma tomatoes

Nigerian Jollof Rice
Steamed rice with carrots, peas, and onions

Texas Green Salad
Fresh Romaine & Iceberg Lettuce salad
Olive Oil & Vinegar or Ranch dressings


Ghana Soya
Grilled Brochettes of beef, red pepper and zucchini

Ivory Coast Grilled Chicken
African spice rub Charcoal grilled chicken
(Fresh ground spices include:
white pepper, black pepper, garlic and ginger)

Kenya Fancy Chicken & Rice
Steam rice served with grilled chicken
and rich vegetable broth


Congo Beignet
African doughnuts dusted with sugar


Ice Water | Iced Tea | Hot Coffee

Cash Bar: Wine, Beer & Cocktails


Meet our Caterer

Eveline African Cuisine Austin

The caterer for the event is
Eveline African Cuisine, who is well known in the Austin African community for serving large parties and events. Eveline is also the favorite caterer for international Clergy and dignitaries meeting in the Central Texas area. (Just ask Father Matt, who fondly remembered Eveline’s dinner menus from a recent meeting.)

Eveline Nimazou is from a small community near Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon.  She arrived in Austin over ten years ago at the urging of her sister who had immigrated here a few years prior.  Eveline arrived here with her husband and three children who were eager for a new Texan adventure.

The Nimazou family has thrived in Austin. The oldest son enlisted in the Air Force, their daughter recently graduated from college and plans to attend law school, and the youngest son attends Juan Diego Catholic High School. Eveline’s husband worked at the State, and Eveline started her caterer business.

Eveline’s passion for food began at a young age while helping her grandmother and mother prepare family meals. Later she studied home economics and cooking. She learned to make popular regional dishes with the local produce, spices and ingredients at hand. Many of the local dishes have French influence left over from their colonial era. This experience and knowledge of traditional African cuisine and cooking techniques has helped her become the go-to-chef for African weddings and events in the Central Texas area.

You can see the passion in her eyes for wholesome and fresh African cuisine as she describes the tasty dishes for the Gala.  She insists on making everything from scratch, using only fresh vegetables and ingredients for richer and authentic flavors.  All her dishes are seasoned with only fresh herbs and spices that she carefully combines to recreate the traditional flavors of different regions of Africa.

Eveline African Cuisine specializes in family events and wedding parties.
For more information contact:
Eveline African Cuisine – Eveline Nimazou,


Background and notes on the Gala’s Menu

Chin Chin – These are slight sweet chips like the fried wonton strips offered at Chinese restaurants. Chin Chin are a favorite party snack in Nigeria. It does not contain meat.

Alloco – Plantains are a variety of bananas. Ripe plantains are deep fried to produce this sweet treat which needs no condiments.

Moi Moi – Muffin, pancake, or torte is made from ground black-eye peas. It is seasoned with sea salt, black pepper, garlic, onions, and ginger. Moi Moi is served with main courses. It does not contain meat.

Koki – This item is very similar to the Tex-Mex tamale. The dough is made with fresh white corn, and the filling consists of spinach sautéed in olive oil with onions, garlic, sea salt and black pepper. Koki’s are steamed in banana leaves and served unwrapped as a side dish. It does not contain meat.

Tanzania Potatoes – This item is similar to German style potatoes.  Yellow potatoes are boiled, and then mixed with olive oil, white onions, celery, parsley, garlic, salt, and pepper.  It does not contain meat.

Sautéed Legumes – This vegetable dish often includes several different greens from collard greens, kale, cabbage or spinach. At the gala cabbage and spinach will be served, sautéed in olive oil, with onion, garlic, Roma tomatoes, and ginger. It does not contain meat.

Nigerian Jollof Rice – This is one of Nigeria’s best known dishes. It is similar to Tex-Mex rice or Chinese Fried Rice.  The steam white rice has carrots, peas, onions and garlic, and is served with meat dishes and stews. It has no meat.

Ghana Soya – Americans know this dish as kebabs. Seasoned beef pieces are grilled on a skewer with seasonal vegetables like green peppers, red peppers, zucchini, and onions.

Ivory Coast Grill Chicken – This dish will tempt any grill master. Fresh chicken is rubbed with a unique combination of spices to create a savory charcoal grilled chicken dish. African white pepper, black pepper, garlic powder, and a touch of ginger gives the meat a bit of heat and a lot of flavor.

Kenya Chicken and Rice – All cultures seem to have a variety of this dish.  In Kenya, grilled chicken is added to steam rice and mixed with a light broth of tomatoes, onion, and garlic.

Congo Beignet – Most travelers are familiar with this delicious French treat that has been adopted as a favorite dessert in many African nations. The fried doughnuts are powdered with sugar for a sweet ending to the delicious meal.


Taste of Africa Gala

Taste of Africa 2017

The African community of St. Albert the Great Catholic Church will host a “Taste of Africa Gala” on May 27, 2017, to celebrate the cultural diversity of its faith community.

St. Albert is the Austin Diocese’s most diverse parish, with families from more than fifty nationalities, and more than a dozen African nations. The vibrant African community of the parish has stepped forward to host this first ever African themed gala. This special evening will highlight the culture, music, and cuisine of the African community in Austin. “I am so proud that our African parishioners have come together to create this event, and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun and there will be lot of dancing.” said Reverend Father Matt Iwuji, a Nigerian native and pastor of St. Albert.

The entertainment for the gala will be constant, from the opening ceremony and presentation of the Kola Nuts*, to distinguished guests, to late night dancing to Latin and African tunes spun by a popular local DJ. Other entertainment will include folk songs performed by a local Nigerian choir and tribal dances from different regions of Africa, as well as an international fashion show. Guests will also have an opportunity to shop for treasures from an international bazaar or bid for fabulous prizes at a silent auction.

The gala’s dinner menu will feature a variety of regional African dishes and desserts, and a cash bar worthy of any Austin evening event.

This gala will benefit the construction of a new $2.8 million-dollar Parish Activity Center on the St. Albert parish North Austin campus. Gala sponsors and donors are welcome. Tickets for the dinner are $20 per person or $30 per couple, or $50 per person for reserved seats. Tickets, gala sponsorships, and more event information is at:


*Kola Nuts – The kola nuts are native to the tropical rain forests of Western Africa. The nuts have a bitter flavor and contain caffeine and are a symbol of hospitality, peace, and friendship. In African tradition honored guests are presented a strand of kola nuts to wear at ceremonies and special events, much like the Hawaiian leis are offered to visitors upon arrival. The kola nut is one of the original ingredients of Coca-Cola. In the 1800’s a pharmacist from Georgia mixed extracts from the kola nut and coca leaves, with sugar and carbonated water to formulate the first cola soft drink.

For more information about this event or to reserve tables or seats please contact:

Francoise Luca, 512-923-7663