Taste of Africa Gala

The African community of St. Albert the Great Catholic Church will host a “Taste of Africa Gala” on May 27, 2017, to celebrate the cultural diversity of its faith community.

St. Albert is the Austin Diocese’s most diverse parish, with families from more than fifty nationalities, and more than a dozen African nations. The vibrant African community of the parish has stepped forward to host this first ever African themed gala. This special evening will highlight the culture, music, and cuisine of the African community in Austin. “I am so proud that our African parishioners have come together to create this event, and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun and there will be lot of dancing.” said Reverend Father Matt Iwuji, a Nigerian native and pastor of St. Albert.

The entertainment for the gala will be constant, from the opening ceremony and presentation of the Kula Nuts*, to distinguished guests, to late night dancing to Latin and African tunes spun by a popular local DJ. Other entertainment will include folk songs performed by a local Nigerian choir and tribal dances from different regions of Africa, as well as an international fashion show. Guests will also have an opportunity to shop for treasures from an international bazaar or bid for fabulous prizes at a silent auction.

The gala’s dinner menu will feature a variety of regional African dishes and desserts, and a cash bar worthy of any Austin evening event.

This gala will benefit the construction of a new $2.8 million-dollar Parish Activity Center on the St. Albert parish North Austin campus. Gala sponsors and donors are welcome. Tickets for the dinner are $20 per person or $30 per couple. Tickets, gala sponsorships, and more event information is at: www.tasteofafrica2017.org


*Kula Nuts – The kula nuts are native to the tropical rainforests of Western Africa. The nuts have a bitter flavor and contain caffeine and are a symbol of hospitality, peace, and friendship. In African tradition honored guests are presented a strand of kula nuts to wear at ceremonies and special events, much like the Hawaiian leis are offered to visitors upon arrival. The kula nut is one of the original ingredients of Coca-Cola. In the 1800’s a pharmacist from Georgia mixed extracts from the kola nut and coca leaves, with sugar and carbonated water to formulate the first cola soft drink.

For more information:

Francoise Luca, 512-923-7663



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